FR Workwear Solutions provides a diverse range of fabrics that will suite the work environment they are intended for. Our commitment to worker’s safety and comfort is second to none.

All fabrics that we use go through an extensive textile engineering process that ensure durable flame resistant properties be it treated or inherent.

We work on fabrics that our clients approve after considering several safety precautions that are required, requested or considered. All fabrics are tested, certified to relatable standards and heat temperatures.


At FR Workwear Solutions, our aim is to understand our customer’s specific concerns so we can provide the best possible solution, product and service that meets the expectation. Our expert knowledge allows us to help you in the most cost-effective way without compromising the safety of your workers and the quality of our product.

We work relentlessly to meet your expectations and have several other fabric options that can fit your needs like Wool and Knitted fabrics.

All fabrics come under different weights, composition, CAL ratings and colors.

Cotten & Contten Blended FR

Our selection of Fabric when in contact with flames or fire will ensure that there is no melting, no dripping, no smoldering and after glow. When in contact a char is formed on the fabric. These fabrics are suitable for the Arc Flash & Flash Fire protection. Our fabrics solutions will ensure maximum heat resistance and industry standard wash cycles.

Recommended for: Oil, Metallurgical, Chemical & Welding Industries, Electrical Installations and Fire Fighting.

Our range will comply to NFPA standards

Aramid Blend

We offer a suitable range of aramid and aramid blended protective clothing that are characterized for superior resistance to heat when exposed to flame. The fabric can hold such flames and keep the fabric intact.

Our range will comply to NFPA standards

Recommended for: Oil Industry, Fire Fighting.

Modacrylic & Cellulose Blended FR

Our modacrylic and cellulose blended options are not only safe, fire retardant but they also provide the ultimate comfort. They are soft and yet have all the great protective properties that keeps your workers safe and happy. Our Modacrylic and cellulose fabric is inherently FR and can provide, meet and even exceed resistance to chemicals and solvents.

Recommended for: Oil Industry, Fire Fighting,

Our range will comply to NFPA standards


Selecting the right work glove for the right job is the first step to make sure you are getting the maximum protection. A lot of the time, companies, workers and safety professionals overlook this and end up selecting a glove that puts workers’ safety at risk. Our solutions, guidance and experience help customers to avoid this mistake.

We provide several types of materials, coatings, finishes and added protection to make sure not only the glove satisfy fitting but also provide maximum protection.

Leather Gloves

Leather based gloves have many properties that can help protect your hand on certain job applications.

These gloves are in welding because it provides resistance to sparks and moderate heat. Naturally added protection on hand with a leather glove can also provide cuts and abrasions resistance. Further protection can be added by adding high quality cut lining as well.

Leather gloves are also very common to have added Impact protection by adding TPR on back of palm.

Leather gloves include goat leather, cow leather, sheep leather and split leather gloves.

Our solutions will meet CE, EN388 and various ANSI Cut Levels

Palm Coated Gloves

Palm-coated work gloves are best used in work environments where workers must handle parts, equipment, tools or machines that required maximum grip. They are commonly used in construction, oil & gas, steel and general-purpose industry. Selecting the right coating on the glove will ensure the best possible solution to workers’ hand safety.

Coatings option nitrile (also called flat nitrile), Foam nitrile, Micropore nitrile, Latex, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyurethane, Neoprene.

Our Solutions are based on our customer requirements and will meet related standards to provide best possible safety.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Injuries are extremely common among workers globally. We strive to provide the right cut level gloves to our customers by understanding the work environment, how risky the job is and what level of comfort and flexibility is desired.

Cut gloves comes in different materials and at different levels, therefore determining the right cut level is important so it can reduce the risk of cut injury.

Our solutions of cut resistant gloves are spread across many different types of gloves like Impact gloves, knitted cut gloves, leather gloves, coated gloves and many more.

In order to meet your requirements, we strive to meet the global cut resistance
standards under European and US laws.


Leather Boots

Safety boots are an equal important part of workers safety as any other and at FR Workwear Solutions we ensure that right foot protection is used.

Our leather safety boots solutions will ensure that workers will get protection against all kinds of hazards and avoid slip injruries.

Our solutions will meet CE, EN and several ASTM standards depending on the selected products.

PVC Boots

PVC boots provide great comfort, protection and are extremely light. They also provide several great protective features like anti slip and chemical resistance.

Our solutions will meet CE, EN and several ASTM standards depending on the selected products.

FR Workwear Solutions

FR Workwear Solutions provides a holistic approach to design & manufacturing of FR workwear, gloves and safety boots. addresses and solves the problem for our customers.